Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Birthday James!

Here's a long overdue post.  January was packed full with a two week trip to Malaysia and then once back home getting ready for our daughter Queena, Ethan, Dorie and James to move in with us for a couple days till we could get them settled into one of our retirement homes over at the Rest Home.
Queena's health has been on the decline for a month or so and it was decided a move back to the States would be in order for at least a year.   They as well as us covet your prayers on this unexpected turn of events.    We trust and know that our Loving Father is in control and we rest in that.

What a delight for Dorie and James to play out in the snow!   For the past two years they have been use to 100 degree weather.   While in Malaysia I overheard a prayer of Dories asking God to please send snow in Delaware over James birthday.

~ Prayer Answered ~

This morning they wanted to go out and make snow angels.   Notice they are both in Croc sandles and Dorie doesn't have any mittens so she just pulled her hands up in her sleeves.    Needless to say they didn't stay out very long.   We'll try to shop for some better winter clothes here soon.

James Birthday was on Saturday.  We had the family in for a birthday supper....but where is the birthday boy?

We could not get him to wake up!  Jet lag hit the children hard for the whole week.

Isaiah was a willing boy to don James' birthday hat.

 Sunday morning early James was up bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for his Birthday celebration.  We just wanted to sleep in at least till 7:00.  Most mornings they were up by 5:00 or earlier.

Sunday morning breakfast:  cupcakes and milk!

 Playing with one of the gifts that Oma and Opa Mast sent.

 I'll leave you with these snow angels.

 I'm getting excited about a ten day vacation in Tenn.  Time again for our annual "Heatwole Sewing Retreat" with my mother and sisters.   Tomorrow I start rounding up my "stuff" to take along.