Friday, June 6, 2014

Travis Luke Yoder

Welcome into our world little Travis Luke Yoder!
We love this little fellow so much already.
Our youngest son Timothy, Diana and their precious new wee one.

Last evening I made supper for them.  Diana asked if we would join them.  We took Grandma Yoder with us so she could hold her newest great-grandchild.
~ Four Generations ~

Jeremy and Cheryl joined us as well, anxious to see and hold this new nephew and cousin.

It was a quick trip for Jeremy and Cheryl.  They wanted to visit Ariel's grave before heading back to Baltimore. 
We had a little time to swing the boys before they headed out.

"Push me high Grandma!"

Last week Mark and I were able to take a 24 hour excursion.  For Christmas Mark bought us tickets to "Celtic Women", a concert in Baltimore.    After the concert we had  ~Bed-n-Breakfast~  with Jeremy's before heading over to Fort McHenry.    We both love history and wanted to see the fort where the Flag flew that Francis Scott Key was inspired to write our National Anthem.

This is the spot where the original flag was raised the  morning after the British retreated.  Since it was a windy day and calling for rain they flew a much smaller flag.  A guide told us the original would of been down to that first jut out piece.

On our way home we drove on down to Annapolis, MD and had lunch on the waters edge.

Also took in an hour boat ride before heading home.    What a wonderful little 24 hour excursion with my man.   Thanks honey for the great Christmas gift.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Life at the Yoder House

Now don't you think that my grandson Isaiah looks like my baby picture?

This past week-end was filled to the brim with company.    Friday noon my sister Barbara came for a day and night.   She taught a quilt class on Saturday in Bowie, MD so she  came the day before and we sewed from noon till night!  She left early on Sat.

Barbara's son Ben and wife Malissa came Friday evening and stayed with us through Sunday.   They came to Delaware for Doug and Kelly Roots wedding.    Here they are practicing for a few songs they played at the reception.

Chris and Alicia also played at the wedding. 

We took care of Isaiah while his mommy and daddy played before the wedding.  They sure know how to dress him up!

Then Saturday evening my niece Javonne and husband Jeremy came for the night.   They were taking in the Nascar race in Dover the next day.  Javonne is my oldest sister June's girl.   Loved having you here Javonne and Jeremy.  Be sure and come again.

Sunday most of the family came in for the day.   Ethan and Queena are moving to North Carolina for an extended period of time to be at the Wycliffe Headquarters.  Dorie suggested to Holly that we gals have a tea party on the porch.

I never turn a tea party down.

Now stay tuned for some baby news!!!!   It won't be long now for Timmy and Diana!