Friday, July 11, 2014

Our trip to Michigan!

I believe it's been close to a year since we've been out to Michigan to visit our oldest son Israel and his family. 

Merle, a family friend, made the trip with us.  The children loved hearing him sing.

When did my grandchildren grow up so fast?
Here is Shad, our oldest grandchild, riding his uncle's motorbike.

Misty making a wonderful lunch for us.  Fresh fried veggies in tortilla's with cheese.
 Grant has his own lawn mowing business.  He makes the mower payments.  Mows his folks place for free and then picks up other mowing jobs to make the payments!

Little River Joy was a real source of entertainment for us all!  I loved getting to know this bundle of joy better!

She loved copying her sister and trying to climb the chain.

What fun getting a horsey ride from daddy.

Learning the fine art of machine quilting with her grandma!

It was Summer, Amber and Autumn's job to keep the raspberries picked.  

Oh my were they good!

River checking out her grandpa.

Summer all snug in her top bunk with the quilt and pillows I made for her this past year.

No, we didn't plan on color coordinating with our sewing project.  I'm feeling rather old having a grandchild so much taller then me.

Misty practicing machine quilting for the summer throw we are making.

Jessica cutting and making the cute-ist cloth napkins that I've ever seen.

Life is so full at this Yoder house!  Lots of work, laughter and love  going on!

One evening we took a ride to go see their longhorn cattle.

"Outstanding in his field!"

These cattle are all grass fed.  He sent us home with some of the best meat you'll ever get!   Thanks Israel.

You guys are so special.   Thanks for all the extra work you did to make our visit so dear.