Monday, August 11, 2014

Rebecca and Abe's Wedding

This past week-end we made a quick trip to Va. to the wedding of Rebecca to Abe.  Rebecca is the daughter of my youngest sister Barbara.

The morning of the wedding Holly and I along with my sister Coleen and her daughter Claire B. went down to the church to help Barbara assemble 40 fresh peach pies.

Barbara was so organized.  The pie shells were all baked and the filling made.  All we had to do was fill them and stack in the refrigerator.   For the meal they had grilled barbeque chicken tacos.  They were amazing.   Here Holly and Claire are seasoning up the beans and doing a few other last minute preperations.  Rebecca's sister Autumn was at the church to practice music so we got her in the picture as well.

Back home at Mother's we had a couple hours before needing to get ready for the noon wedding.
Relaxing time along the banks of North River, my childhood stomping ground.

Timmy enjoying Travis as he watches Mike and Mark do some fishing.

I see a grandson who would love to give it a try.  "Grandpa, can you show me how it's done?"

Dorie swinging on the same swing that I played on as a child.  I remember once swinging so high and fell off and broke my arm.  

It's now wedding time.   Before the service I was able to get a four generation picture of Mother, Me, Tim and Travis.

I didn't take pictures during the wedding.  Gave Dorie my phone at the reception and told her to go get a picture of the bride and groom.   So sweet!

Leaving for the honeymoon.  Rebecca's grandpa Cline whisking them away.  It's a Cline tradition.

Timmy and cousin Ryan with their wives and new babies.

Queena and Ethan came up from North Carolina to pick-up Dorie and James.   They were able to get in a little swim before heading back home.

The same swimming hole I swam in at their age.  Now how cool is that?

Friday, August 8, 2014

Happy Birthday ~ Dorie Rose

Today Dorie turns 6.
Happy Birthday to my 8th grandchild who was born on...

Thanks Holly for hosting the birthday breakfast.

Grandpa and Grandma get to hold the wee ones.

 ...and then there were gifts.

Dorie and James have been staying with us this week so mommy and daddy missed the party.   Queena and Ethan I thought you would enjoy seeing Dorie's expression when she opened your gift!

It's a winner!
Grandpa gave her a CNA outfit for helping him out at the Nursing Home!

Travis got several shots yesterday so the new CNA was giving him his check-up.

Dorie may your year ahead be filled with God's Best.  We love you so much.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

James Mark Mast ~ My dinosaur loving grandson!

As you know I'm in the process of making each of our 14 grandchildren a quilt.   When James said he wanted a dinosaur quilt I hardly knew where to begin.  It wasn't long before I found a bed sheet at the thrift store covered with dinos.

That was my jumping off point.   I pieced the names of different dinos around the border using scraps the color of that particular dino on the bed sheet.   Then when it came to quilting it I double stuffed the dinos and machine quilted fairly close to puff up the dinos.

The backing was a blast to make.   James favorite is a styracosaurus so I pieced a really big one on the back.

I told James his quilt was stitched full of love.  It melted my heart when I overheard him telling someone that "Grandma stitched it full of love".
So today I decided I had better add a visual of that love.

I machine quilted some hearts in the body of one.  I even let James sit on my lap and make three of the hearts.  We decided to outline the ones he did so they wouldn't get mixed up.

Looking closer I realized he put little smiley faces in his three hearts.