Thursday, August 7, 2014

James Mark Mast ~ My dinosaur loving grandson!

As you know I'm in the process of making each of our 14 grandchildren a quilt.   When James said he wanted a dinosaur quilt I hardly knew where to begin.  It wasn't long before I found a bed sheet at the thrift store covered with dinos.

That was my jumping off point.   I pieced the names of different dinos around the border using scraps the color of that particular dino on the bed sheet.   Then when it came to quilting it I double stuffed the dinos and machine quilted fairly close to puff up the dinos.

The backing was a blast to make.   James favorite is a styracosaurus so I pieced a really big one on the back.

I told James his quilt was stitched full of love.  It melted my heart when I overheard him telling someone that "Grandma stitched it full of love".
So today I decided I had better add a visual of that love.

I machine quilted some hearts in the body of one.  I even let James sit on my lap and make three of the hearts.  We decided to outline the ones he did so they wouldn't get mixed up.

Looking closer I realized he put little smiley faces in his three hearts.


Unknown said...

Wow, Polly. Absolutely amazing!
Your family is SO blessed to have you making such tangible reminders of your love for them.

elaine said...

What a wonderful idea!(stitched full of love)

Julia Graber said...

I guess you learned how to spell all those dino's names! My favorite picture is James leaning up against you with his name on the quilt. Love, love, love!

Donna said...

What a treasure!! Truly stitched with love! My favorite picture is the one with him on the tree limb laying on the quilt. As Julia said, "Love, love, love" indeed!

Leila said...

You do beautiful work Polly! Your machine quilting is wonderful!

QuiltinGal said...
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QuiltinGal said...

Your quilts you make for your grandchildren are so unique and special. I am looking forward to seeing what your next creation will be.