Friday, August 8, 2014

Happy Birthday ~ Dorie Rose

Today Dorie turns 6.
Happy Birthday to my 8th grandchild who was born on...

Thanks Holly for hosting the birthday breakfast.

Grandpa and Grandma get to hold the wee ones.

 ...and then there were gifts.

Dorie and James have been staying with us this week so mommy and daddy missed the party.   Queena and Ethan I thought you would enjoy seeing Dorie's expression when she opened your gift!

It's a winner!
Grandpa gave her a CNA outfit for helping him out at the Nursing Home!

Travis got several shots yesterday so the new CNA was giving him his check-up.

Dorie may your year ahead be filled with God's Best.  We love you so much.


Julia Graber said...

Sweet Dorie, from princess to CNA. Imaginations is wonderful!

Donna said...

So cute! Happy Birthday to Dorie!