Friday, May 16, 2014

Sewing on a Rainy Day

I simply LOVE a rainy day!  It draws me back to my sewing room to do my favorite hobby.
 These left over scraps sure are fun to work with!

Looks like I'm making a quilt for James' Styracosaurus to cover up with...but I'm not.   You will just have to wait and see what I'm up to.

Earlier this week I enjoyed a day of sewing with friends.  We try and do this each month but with four busy grandmas it's more like once in six months!

I was able to get a photo shoot of Summer Breeze and her quilt over the time the family was in for Ariel's funeral.

 Got the whole family together for a family picture.   I rounded them all up and said, "It's a picture of us just like we are.  No changing of outfits or combing hair."  

 And one with all the grandkids.

 It just didn't seem right without Ariel so I'll close with this picture of our sweet little sugar plum, who we miss so much, but wouldn't ask for her back.


Julia Graber said...

Oh Polly, your life is so full and meaningful. I love all the little squares you sewed together for that ....sauraus. You are simply amazing!!!

Vernon and Kim said...

I love it. Somehow I been missing your looks like you've switched to blogger. :-)

QuiltinGal said...

The day of sewing looks like so much fun. I can just hear the chatter.
Enjoyed your post like always.

Donna said...

What a blessing little Ariel was, and now in eternity. I missed you, and kept you and family in my prayers.

Thank you for sharing your quilts and family.