Friday, November 7, 2014

A Birthday Post!

Isaiah Truth turned one October 22 and I am this late getting it posted.  Opps!
Love this picture of him and his grandpa Mark.

Alicia furnished the evening supper.  Yummy pulled pork sandwiches, salad and cupcakes!
Great-grandma Alene and her sister Aunt Freida also graced our table.

I loved the laughter around the table.
Aunt Freida and Holly I wonder what you are laughing at.  Timmy and mom are tickled as well.

"Isaiah it is time to blow out the candle."

"No mom!  It's ALL mine!"

What fun.

Now today we have another birthday. 
Happy Birthday Holly Dear!

She loves a good party!

What fun to surprise her with this small quilt.
She knew I was making it, but I let on I was making it for me as a lap quilt.

Last evening we took her out to "The Fishery" in Rehobeth and now this evening she is celebrating with a whole bunch of her friends.
We each chose a different kind of fish.  All fresh!  Tilapia, Salmon, Halibut, and Tuna.

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