Monday, July 29, 2013

Getting Started!

A New Blog for PollythePatchworker

I'm finally taking the step of switching my blog from Xanga over to Blogger.   Hope you all are patient while this ole gal tries to take on the learning curve.

The first five weeks of summer I took a wonderful western trip with my mother and all six of my sisters.  Our husbands came and went as work permitted.

The next big event of the summer was a week visit of our son-in-law Ethan and granddaughter Dorie from Malaysia.    Ethan came in for his brother's wedding while Queena and James stayed back in Malaysia.    Our time was way to short with them.   I'll try and post a few picture of our time with them and maybe a few more later when I feel I know what I'm doing with this Blogger!

This picture was taken at Ground Zero this past Saturday when we were taking Dorie and Ethan back to JFK for their flight home.

Jeremy and Cheryl came over for the weekend.   Max and Dorie were two peas in a pod.  They played together so good.    

The family came in for Sunday dinner.

Mint Tea
Lettuce Salad
Pretzel Strawberry Salad

Everyone wants to hold sweet little Ariel.    
Ariel was just diagnosed with SMA, Spinal Muscular Atrophy.   We covet your prayers for our granddaughter and family as we travel on this journey.   Ariel needs a miracle from God.
We ask you to join us in bringing her to the throne of God.

What a precious gift of hold and love this bundle of sweetness.
We all wanted our turn.

Alicia getting to know her niece.

We are so grateful for mom's influence and blessing on our children and grandchildren.   

Here mom is taking the time to read "The Piggy in the Puddle" to Dorie right before we left for NY taking Ethan and Dorie back to the airport.    Our time with them was way to short!

I'll post more pictures a little later.   


Donna said...

Love your new blog! I'll bookmark it so that I can keep up!

elaine said...

I need to take the plunge too and leave Xanga. Hopefully's harder to learn new stuff when you're 50. ;)
So sad to hear about your little granddaughter. Unfortunately,I am somewhat familiar with SMA. It runs in my family.May God give you courage and strength as you walk beside Jeremy & Cheryl on this journey.

Sue K. said...

Love your new blog just as much as your old one, Polly!

Vernon and Kim said...

Is it true that Xanga is going out? If so, when and all that stuff? I definitely want to continue following your blog. Kim

Julia said...

I'm glad you took the plunge for your new blog. I look forward to your posts and keeping up with your life. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all and Jeremy & Cheryl in caring for little Airel.

Jo-Ann said...

I'm so glad you have a new blog so I can follow along -- I always enjoy your posts and love seeing the new creations you and your sisters make! I'm so sorry to hear about your beautiful little granddaughter and will pray for her and your family. I believe in miracles -- we have one in our family in the form of our granddaughter Ruby.

Cindi said...

Love your new blog!

Dean L. Martin said...

We have buried 5 nieces and nephews with SMA . They have a circle letter . If you would like to have their names and addresses I can get that for you. Rosy Martin - Greencastle PA