Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Good Times - Busy Times

Highlights of the past couple weeks.   Mark was gone for most of a week giving meetings out in Iowa.  How surprised I was when this bouquet arrived at my door.

Thank you Carolyn for making this "wife at home" feel special and loved!   Thanks also for you, Perry and the whole Fairview Mennonite Church community for taking such good care of my man.

While he was gone our son Chris gave his first chorus program at GMS.  Don't know who was the most nervous Chris or me. 

Chris you did a great job.  Proud of you son.

Last week I was invited to friend Irene's birthday party.  

What fun to join these ladies in fellowship.

What is it about a hat that changes a persons personality. 

We each were to bring a salad and our own table place setting.   It was neat seeing each ones china.   I took my mother's wedding china as did a couple other gals.
 What I LOVE about the pic. below is the three laughing ladies at the end of the table.   Marg. and Pearly I do wonder what the joke was about.

Last week dear friend Elizabeth Kauffman got her wish to go home to heaven.    This was the first funeral meal that my Holly Girl was in charge of.   She loves the committee that works with her and sings their praises.
We are not on that committee but the evening Holly did her shopping we were together as a family.   I figured eight hands could get the job of peeling and sliceing all those carrots done quickly.  

Jeremy and Cheryl came in for two days to meet sweet little Isaiah.    Here Ariel is being introduced to her newest cousin.

I guess I should call this post a "Grandma Post" because the rest of the pictures are just that!

Saturday morning I served a brunch for the family.   Here mom is meeting her great grandson for the first time.

"Am I holding him right Uncle Chris?"

"Father's Love"

"Mother's Love"

Jeremy getting some pointers from Chris on his newly purchased phone.   Looks like Mr. Mark is making good use of his phone.

I love what happens when I give my good camera to Maxwell! 

These are the pictures we get from "Maxwell's Photography!"

He took this one as well.

...and this one of his brother Bo!  I can't get him to smile this big for me.  It takes Maxwell's Photography to get the job done.   Bo scraped up nose comes from a tumble on  the wood pile.

~ Two Parting shot pictures! ~

A three generation shot!

and a four generation shot.


Julia Graber said...

I enjoyed meeting little Isiah Truth and his family. Boaz looks so much like his Great Aunt Pat and Grandfather Richard. And then I see his great grandmother and great grandfather Heatwole in him too. ... Indeed, hat partys are fun!

Carolyn M said...

Our congregation was so blessed last week having mark share with us? Today at our monthly sewing I again heard so many positive comments about how the messages blessed individuals! Tell mark thanks again for allowing God to use him in this way. I know he had more messages he could have shared. we will have to have him come again sometime. blessings , carolyn

coleensr said...

I agree with Julia about Bo. I could see the Dwight/Richard family resemblance immediately. Loved the generation pictures and hope Chris can get some on your side too. What a neat little tea party. I kept looking to see you and your hat and place setting.
-your sis coleensr

Carol Harper said...

Love the generational pictures They are so precious as the children age and see where they came from.