Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November Sewing Circle

Comfort top ready to be knotted.  Love the group of home schooled gals in the background busy at their school work.

These children add so much to our sewing circle.

 Kristen showing us the snowman she made out of a sock.

Here a mother and daughter team visiting as they stitch.

Now what are the ladies sewing on in the background?

This scrappy quilt is taking shape.

Gertrude is a newcomer here at sewing and also a new quilter.  She shared with us three quilts she is making.  I asked her if she is getting hooked and the smile and "yes" answer she gave me was priceless.

 Queena and Wava with their "shared" grandchildren.   Wava's son married Queena's daughter.

~ Parting Shot ~

Last evening we enjoyed company.  Craig and Lindsey, a couple who now live in Russia, along with Elizabeth (a college friend of Alicia), Tim and Diane, and Alicia, Chris and baby Isaiah.
It was so interesting listening to Lindsey and Elizabeth talking Russian with each other.


Donna said...

How I wish I could come visit your sewing circle!! What a joy it is to see all those gals, young and not-so-young, all quilting together. It is wonderful to see the love of quilting and creativity being passed on to the next generation!

Ilva Hertzler said...

There is more than one way to bring joy to the world.. quilting is one of them. Reading your posts is another

Julia Graber said...

What a fun day. I think I could have joined the ladies at the quilting frame or the ladies at the sewing machines making those wonderful blocks for the scrappy quilt.

Carolyn M said...

I love seeing pictures you post from your monthly sewing! So inspiring! Especially loved to see the scrappy one your piecing this month. Beautiful, I love scrappy quilts!

asimplequilter said...

I love the quilt waiting to be tied! I've been searching for a quilt pattern for my brother and I think I've been looking too hard.

Can you to me about metal support legs that use for your tying frames? I have a Grace Bee frame that I use for hand quilting and I am searching for a second frame for tying quilts.

asimplequilter said...

Should have proof read before hitting post... Can you please "tell " me ...

Carol Harper said...

What precious memories you are making with friends and family.