Sunday, December 1, 2013

A New Mystery

I love a good mystery and  I'm ready again to join in the fun of Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery quilt.
We were given our first clue on Friday and here are my pieces cut.  Now I'm chomping at the bit ready to sew.

This weeks clue all finished.  180 of these units all done.   We won't get our next clue until Friday.   I have no idea what this quilt it going to look like other then it will be a scrappy one.  I changed some of the colors that Bonnie suggested.  Swapped out purple for blue and raspberry for orange.  It will be so fun seeing all  the other ladies quilts.  There are over 2,000 women in the facebook group.

One evening this month we had overnight guests.  Uncle Paul Yoder and cousin Dan.    Uncle Paul is Marks dad's brother.  Their visit was short but sweet.

Now on to our Thanksgiving day.   It didn't suit Jeremy's to join us till afternoon so we planned an evening soup supper.     Here Holly is keeping my shrimp chowder from sticking and Mark is making osyter stew.

This picture included a bribe.  When Boaz sees a camera it's hard to get a smile from him.  I told him if he smiled real big I'd give him a piece of candy.   What a wonderful smile.  I love you Bo.

Alicia making her bread into a turkey.  It's been a thanksgiving tradition she has done for years.  What a great addition to our soup supper.

Caught the pecan snitcher in the act!

Our guests included Grandma Yoder and Grandma Schultz

as well as Jerrel and Alma, Bobby's, Jeremy's, Chris's and Holly and Carmen.

These girls get a gold medal!   They cleared the table, served coffee and dessert and then cleaned up all the dishes afterwards.   Thanks Carmen and Holly!

While here Jeremy smoked up some deer jerky.  Some of the best I've had.  He was so generous and gave us each a nice bag of it.

Mark's brother Nelson and Rose stopped in later in the evening.

Football in the back room.  Wall to wall of fellows.

These moments with Ariel are so dear and precious.  Please keep her and Jeremy and Cheryl in your prayers.   Ariel has come down with a bit of a cold and it has made breathing and eating more of a struggle with her SMA.

Maxwell took these pictures.   He loves being the photographer these days and I love that!
He can capture moments that I never could.


Donna said...

Polly, I love your colors for the mystery quilt! I haven't had time to start mine yet, but seeing yours has motivated me! Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am praying and praying for Jeremy and his family, and for little Ariel.

Kevin the Quilter said...

It looks as though you have a beautiful family, and what a nice Thanksgiving you all had! Your color choices for Bonnie's mystery are fantastic and will make an exquisite quilt. And, there are a few guys doing the mystery too! LOL

Julia Graber said...

Your Thanksgiving Day looked wonderful, busy, noisy, and special. Keep on cherishing those times with Ariel. Love your choices on the mystery quilt.

coleensr said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving your family had - all the noisy hustle and bustle and good times! Just seeing the picture of Jeremy's jerky makes my mouth water. And I can't look at the picture of Bo without thinking of his great-grandpa Dwight. Love the picture of Jeremy feeding Ariel.

Wilford Harper said...

Thank you for sharing your family with us once again.
Blessings to the baby for healing.

Judy D in WA said...

I love your colors! So bright and happy.
Thank you for sharing your family. I love all the pictures but the last one just melts my heart.

nankc said...

I came to your blog from Bonnie Hunter's blog and wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed seeing all the family pics!!! Most of our family have gone to heaven now but I remember all the great holidays when we were all together when I saw your family. Precious Ariel and her family will be on my prayer list. I will continue to come to your blog. Thanks so much!

Mary said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving, thank you for sharing it with us.

TcMay2 said...

Thanks for sharing your family with us too.How very precious each and every one of them.Can I come next year? I adore your colors...terrific selection.

Andee said...

Glad you are playing along on the mystery again! Your famiy all look so happy to be together...glad you had a good holiday!

Frances said...

Good to see you are keeping up the traditions, the mystery would not be the same without you. I love the raspberry and purple.

Ethan and Queena said...

Mom, such a dear post. Next year I think we will be there!

Coleen B said...

Ditto what mother said. . . and Isaiah's little round button eyes - so cute!!

Audrey Whitson said...


Jeanne said...

Beautiful colors, I know it will be gorgeous, I picked pretty much the same colors. so I have to be convinced too. You have a lovely family. My son loves to make beef jerky and it is pretty yummy, never have tried deer jerky but I bet it is awesome as welll