Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Clue #2 on Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt & December Sewing Circle

I love it when Friday rolls around and we are given our next clue to the Mystery Quilt.    Mark and I were heading to upstate New York for the week-end on Saturday and I wanted to get this weeks clue all cut before leaving. 

This week we are using the green, yellow and neutral background fabrics.

~ All cut and ready to go.~

These little chevrons are so fun to sew, and they are little!

Each unit measures 3 and a half inches.
I've made 30 and have 70 more units to make before we get our next clue.

Last Wednesday we had our monthly sewing circle at church.   We had a rather small group in attendance.

Loved having Jessica and her two little ones come.  

For "Sew-and-Tell"  Linda showed us this sweet little pinwheel quilt she made for a friend.

Her daughter Kristen is so crafty and usually brings something new each month to show us.  Here she crocheted this scarf for a lady.

With so few in attendance all we got done on this comfort was a few rows knotted.

Monica does such a great job of scrapbooking and documenting our sewing circle.  I take the pictures and get them to her and she compiles them into a scrapbook.  


norma v said...

love your colors!

Julia Graber said...

I love seeing your progress on the Celtic Solstice mystery quilt. I'm still way back at step one.

Jo-Ann said...

I love your quilt colors and such a pretty design. Upstate NY is where I'm from -- along the PA border -- hope you aren't going to be in the snow belt region -- expecting lots of snow off the lakes.

Debra Crumbaker said...

I really like your fabric choices; there's so much movement in them. I haven't gotten clue #2 even started yet.