Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Week

Christmas Week

Clue #4 

I'm so thankful that this week's clue was fairly easy.    Here are my completed 120 four-patch blocks displayed with my cute little antique Wilcox and Gibbs machine.  No, I didn't piece them on it even tho I could of.   My little machine is in excellent working condition and sews beautify.

As some of you know our family is going through a difficult time.  Pray for our daughter Queena who is having a Bi-polar episode.  God has been so gracious in her life and for years she has been in such good mental health.  She lives so very far away in Malaysia.   
It's hard for this momma.  Besides praying I find great therapy in sewing.  So this week I've have been sewing!

Yesterday I finished Dorie's quilt and will be taking it along to Malaysia when I go this week-end.   What a fun quilt to piece as well as machine quilt.  Each triangle was a new canvas for me to try out a new stitch.

~ Parting Shot ~

Here's the stacks of all the completed units so far.   I'll be spending 2 weeks with Ethan, Queena, Dorie and James in Malaysia and will take a month off from the Mystery be completed in Feb. when I get together with my sister's and mother  for our yearly "Heatwole Sewing Retreat".


Donna said...

Polly, I have been praying for Queena, as well as Ariel, and all of your family. Your quilt is wonderful! Have a blessed Christmas with your family here, and then a wonderful trip to see Queena and Ethan and the kids!

ribbit98 said...

Bless you for dropping everything & going at this time of need!

Julia Graber said...

Dories quilt turned out so wonderfully nice. I'm sure she will like it and love having you there as well. Gods blessings on you and Holly as you visit Queena & Ethan and family.

Carol Yoder said...

Dorie's quilt is so cute! I am sorry to hear about Queena ~ will keep her and all of you in my prayers in the coming days. Safety to you as you travel.

wanda hurst said...

very cute quilt, safe travels, my mom who is bi- polar too had an episode last week, praying for Queena.

Connie said...

Beautiful sewing machine and blocks!! Have a safe trip and I hope your daughter will get better.

Vireya said...

Your mystery bits look great!

I hope you will have a wonderful time with your family in Malaysia.

Jo-Ann said...

What a lovely quilt for your granddaughter. My heart goes out to you as your daughter is going through this time of trial. May you have safe travels and a blessed time with her and her family. It's so hard to watch our children hurting. I will be praying!

Elaine said...

LOVE your Dr. Seuss quilt