Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas on Lake Erie

Just returned from Christmas on Lake Erie with our children and grandchildren.  First I'll share how the "Mystery Quilt" is coming along.     So far I've been able to keep up with each clue.  

I still have no idea how this quilt will look finished.  My guess is that we will have one or two more clues before the big reveal, but that is just a guess.

Working on Clue 4 just before Christmas.
See what others are doing by clicking here!

~ Christmas 2014 ~

 The whole family was able to be there except our daughter Holly.   Duty called at work and she was such a trooper about it.   I told her next year we will center our Holidays around her.  This is the third year in a row that she has missed Christmas with the family.

I'll pick out just a few of the many pictures I took.  That's gonna be hard!

Early morning hot chocolate for the little ones.

Lots of games going on.  For the most part we all love games.  Mark even played "Settlers of Catan" for the first time in his life and enjoyed it.  Here I am learning a new game "Splendor".   It's now my new favorite.

The gift giving has begun.  We watch as one gift was opened at a time.  Holly even got to be a part of it by face-time on the phone.  Notice Boaz holding the phone making sure she gets to see.

The girls enjoying a tea party with their new Christmas tea sets.

Lots of baby time!  River, Isaiah and Travis are the wee ones this year!

I wanted a picture of Mark and I with all our 13 grandchildren.   We are so blessed!

I received a Christmas present that made me cry.  Cheryl had my name for the gift exchange and had this special clock made.  A picture of me holding our granddaughter Ariel who is in heaven.  She also made a photo book of Ariel.  What  special and treasured gifts!

"Every Moment  brings us closer"

Queena reading to the children.

More games.

Foosball table was a real hit with all ages.

A delicious brunch made by the gals.

One of the days some of us bundled up warm and took a brisk walk along the shores of Lake Erie.

I even got my two oldest sons to pose with me.
Thanks Jeremy and Israel!

The last evening there we enjoyed some Christmas fiddling tunes by Chris and Alicia.  It was fun watching River and Isaiah dancing to the music.

~ Parting Shot ~


Julia Graber said...

Polly, I'm so impressed at how much of the mystery quilt you have finished. I am lagging behind worse than ever. I only have clue one finished, a little bit of clue 2, and all of them printed out. ... You family is growing and growing. I'm sure your time together was special. Thank you for sharing.

pens and needles said...

How nice to see pictures of your rapidly growing family almost all together! I remember when there were just a couple of grandchildren -- wasn't that just a couple of years ago???? :) Time sure flies when you're having that much fun. The games and family time are what make Christmas so special. You're so blessed -- and the sweet reminder of Ariel was so very perfect.

Pat Hertzler said...

I loved your clock. So precious and what a neat idea.

coleensr said...

Oh Polly Wolly! What a blessed time you all had together. And the gift that Cheryl gave just choked me up. It is very special. I am looking forward to seeing how you all are going to center next Christmas around Holly! Sorry she had to miss out.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful Christmas with us, family is what it is all about. Love your colors for GI.

Elliott Queen said...

I love your use of purple instead of the pink. Good choice! Your family is lovely; you can tell you all love each other so much. Best wishes for the new year.

TLC said...

You look so cute with your mystery pieces strung all around you. Thanks for sharing your lovely family Christmas. The last picture gave me a giggle.

Vireya said...

That's quite a family you have! Lovely you could have so many there at once. I'm also impressed that you are keeping up with the mystery despite all the Christmas family time.