Thursday, January 22, 2015

Our 37th Wedding Anniversary

For Christmas Mark got us tickets to go see a Broadway show.  It's something I've always wanted to do and have never been to Times Square.  Our anniversary was a perfect time for this excursion.

Our room was on the 17 floor of the old Piedmont Hotel.   I thought we were pretty high but looking out our window, skyscrapers towered all around us.

We were just one block from Time Square.  After seeing a show in the afternoon we walked down to the square to enjoy the lights, glitter, and people of Time Square.

The next day our show didn't start till 2:00 so we took a brisk morning walk.  I wanted to see the Fox News building which was a couple blocks away.

While there, we noticed a Dover Delaware police car parked outside.  I told Mark about the YouTube clip I had seen on facebook about Jeff  Davis a Dover cop that went viral and I wondered if it was him.

Sure enough later that day I saw him being interviewed on Fox.  They said his clip was viewed by over 20 million viewers.

The tickets Mark had gotten us for Christmas was to the musical Les Miserables.  I've loved this story by Victor Hugo and the play was great!  Thanks honey for the wonderful anniversary getaway.

 I'll also add our last months Sewing Circle to this post.
Love the way these three ladies, dressed in green, match this quilt!

As well as quilting, we had knotting comforts and sewing quilt blocks going on.

Tara brought her "Accu Cutter" along and demonstrated how easy it is to cut a pile of scraps into 2inch strips.

She then got a good start on sewing them together for the beginning of a nice comfort.

Till next time...Love, Polly


Donna said...

Looks like a nice visit to NYC! Glad you could get away. Happy Anniversary!

Julia Graber said...

I love getting a glimpse into your life. Your anniversary trip looked like fun and yet relaxing. And I always enjoy your sewing circle pictures. The quilt in the frame is beautiful.

Kenneth Sargent said...

Always love your updates. Looks like you two had a fun time in NY.

pens and needles said...

Your trip to NYC was such a fun way to celebrate, and Les Mis is my fav play (being the ONLY Broadway play I've seen.) But most of all, I love the peeks into your sewing circle. I'm always a tad bit jealous but glad to see pics of what all the happy-looking women are doing. Sewing together is such a good thing!

Roxann in East Texas said...

I love reading your posts; love the scenery of your spot of the world :).
Sew look forward to seeing groups of women spending time together, learning and sharing sewing/quilting ideas.
Thanks for spreading joy.

Sabine's Harz Quilt said...

I love your blog. Everyday I am looking for a new post. I hope one day you will start it again.

curtis03 Lewis said...

37th Wedding Anniversary!! That’s such a huge milestone. Many congratulations on your anniversary dear! Thank you so much for the featuring this day on the blog. Well guys, I need some help in finding the historical venues for weddings in Los Angeles that are perfect for a vintage royal themed wedding. Can anyone help?

Anonymous said...

I would love to see some updates on here! Naomi

Anonymous said...

Have been missing Polly too - just found her again her on Facebook - and made sure its bookmarked!